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Interspire Advanced Backup Export
$200.00 USD One Time
Easily export emails opened, clicked emails, removed emails, campaigns, forms, and reports of your system through complete and custom filters.

Interspire Content Spinning
$200.00 USD One Time
Increase deliverability of your campaigns rotating the subject, sender email, reply mail, return mail, email signature and email internal links.

Interspire Fast Import
$200.00 USD One Time
Import Thousands of emails within Seconds. No More wait for hectic email uploads on Interspire. Its easy and 100X faster to upload emails to your interspire.

Interspire Geo Location and Statistics
$200.00 USD One Time
Know precisely where your emails were opened, Country, Region, City, user statistics, email campaigns, export statistics by country, by region and city.

Interspire IP Monitor
$200.00 USD One Time
Keep in daily reports the reputation of your IPs, the query result in the Reverse DNS blacklists and of all contracted IPs. Keep monitoring your IPs.

Interspire Multi Thread
$200.00 USD One Time
Interspire multi thread addon creates multiple simultaneous connections to send emails so your emails will be sent at extremely high speed.

Interspire Multiple MTA
$200.00 USD One Time
Send campaigns using various SMTPs with automatic rotation using Interspire Multiple MTA. Multiple SMTP accounts from subdomains, each with unique Ip.

Interspire Social Network Tracking
Monitor real-time responsiveness of their campaigns on social networks, follow the campaign by sharing statistics and the addition and removal on the networks.


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